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Beautiful skin comes from within and is a delicate balance of a daily skincare routine – skincare products, facial massage and exercise, as well as diet and lifestyle. Great results can be delivered in subtle, step-by-step changes, overtime.

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  • Personalised Skincare Routines. Taking care of our skin is a learnt and ongoing lifestyle choice. Like with exercise, our facial skin benefits from a regular routine that should be bespoke, pleasant and change with the seasons.
  • People come to me for a number of reasons from specific skincare problems to a desire to look younger or less stressed and feel more confident. 
  • My advice is impartial and I am not affiliated to any particular skincare brand. I don’t believe in a radical and quick fix that can go wrong and cannot be reversed. I advocate skincare products with proven efficacy combined with the natural methods of facial yoga and reflexology – to achieve definition and improve the tone of the facial muscles, as well as facial massage. These methods nurture both the mind and body, making people feel more relaxed and their skin look smooth and radiant. 

  • Skincare Products. Skincare routine that reflect age, skin type and concerns, seasonal and hormonal changes, health, lifestyle and budgets and efficient skincare application techniques. I highly respect the healing powers of plants and their benefits in skincare and recommend organic and natural skincare where appropriate. I feel the same about traditional therapies. In the modern fast paced life, return to traditional wisdom is the voice of calm, reason and quality.

“I see the benefits of regular skincare routines every day. Getting the subjective “feel of the product on the skin” right is very important for people to be diligent with their routines but personalised skincare products and traditional therapy can reduce concerns and dramatically improve the way people look and feel.” 

  • Professional Treatments. Professional treatments tailored to specific concerns include cleansing, facial massage, acupressure, exfoliation, comedone extractions, peel or mask application.  
  • Facial Yoga & Relaxation. Facial exercise for gentle facial mobility or intensive focus on specific concerns. 

SAVE OR SPEND: Summer Skincare Under £50


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I would like to run a small high street skincare shop in Beverley, stocking niche and innovative brands. However, for now MyShowcase.com is my shop through which I am able to recommend personalised skincare routines – right for an individual’s skin type and budget. There are an increasing number of new products on the market that are very similar to each other and some of the new launches are becoming prohibitively (and questionably) expensive.

Branding – and a great story of how the product was born – aside, it is the ingredients (and their concentration) that make a product work.

MyShowcase.com is a shopping platform stocking organic skincare I currently work with, my reviews are unbiased and based on science. Here are my suggestions for the summer products to refresh your skincare routine with.

3 Summer Essentials for dry to mature skin types

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  • The Balm Balm Rose Flower Water (£11) is a refreshing toner for facial skin – in the morning as well as during the day. For even skin tone and hydrated, well conditioned skin. Rosa damascena (rose) flower distillate, 100 % organic. 
  • The Balm Balm Superlight Coconut Cleanser (£13.25) is a great cleanser for a lightly tanned skin in summer. Gentle cleanser made from blended coconut oils, also suitable for removing eye makeup. 100% organic. 
  • The Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum (£13.25) Anti-ageing staple for evening massage, the oil-based serum prevents sun related dehydration and maintains a healthy tan. Use prior to applying your evening moisturiser. Richer texture, a blend of rosehip, jojoba and borage oils with frankincense, rose geranium, palmarosa, juniper and mandarin. 100 % organic. 

For combination and oily skin types

A good choice – instead of the Coconut Cleanser – would be Elizabeth’s Daughter Facial Gel Cleanser (£8.95) for morning and evening cleanse. A gentle wash-off cleanser based on mild surfactants (laurel glucoside, cocoamidopropyl betaine) and aloe, enriched with kiwi fruit extract. Refreshing, mild & hydrating, contains also vitamins C & E.


Take advantage of free P&P for orders over £35. If you like my reviews, please put my name in the “Recommended By” section when shopping at myshowcase.com.

Placebo Effects in Skincare?


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I practise evidence-based skincare that entails facial massage & exercise (regular professional treatments and at home routine) and personalised (seasonal) skincare. I am more and more interested in the “evidence behind the placebo effect” due to my empirical experience from the clinic.

Placebo effects are beneficial effects attributable to the brain–mind responses to the context in which a treatment is delivered rather than to the specific actions of the drug.

They are mediated by diverse processes — including learning, expectations and social cognition — and can influence various clinical and physiological outcomes related to health – skin & wellbeing including.

Emerging neuroscience evidence implicates multiple brain systems and neurochemical mediators – including opioids and dopamine.

A recently published review suggests that the neuropsychological processes that mediate placebo effects may be crucial for a wide array of therapeutic approaches, including many drugs. The figure below relates to pain management.nrn3976-f1Source: The neuroscience of placebo effects: connecting context, learning and health

The Art of Asian Facial Massage (At Home)


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Our life story is ingrained in our faces – in the form of lines, wrinkles & sagging.

The facial yoga experts say that expanding our faces softens facial features and it makes us look more youthful.

This makes sense as Botox works by relaxing facial muscles. It is the vertical wrinkles (frown, sleep and nasolabial lines) that make the face look “more negative”. In contrast, the horizontal smile lines remind of happy times.

The Su-Man Techniques


There are many schools of facial massage & facial yoga. I am starting to work with the London based facialist Su-Man, she has a gentle approach to skin and skincare. I would like to introduce you to her on-line technique.


Spend a little more than two minutes massaging your face – but do it regularly each morning and evening to appreciate the benefits. And let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

FaceWorkshops Autumn & Winter Skincare Events 2015/2016


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Days for your diary if interested to learn more about new facial skincare products and techniques. I am giving a talk at these local & national events.



Please follow this blog for updates. 

Borderlines of Skincare & Dermatology


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Skin disease belongs to the hands of a dermatologist. However, mild to moderate symptoms of acne, rosacea, eczema and/or dermatitis are treated in a skincare clinic (or beauty salon) on a daily basis.

I promote holistic, evidence-based approach and work towards recognition of my work by UK skincare charities and skin disease support groups. Please note that there is no support group for acne at present. Which charity gets your vote? 

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The Science of Facial Yoga


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One antidote to stress that is available to every human being is the ability to change the pattern of breathing, and by so doing, to send powerful messages to brain centres that regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

My clients desire to look healthy & youthful despite having very hectic lives. My work helps them to alleviate signs of premature ageing – the lines, wrinkles and sagging – every day, yet restorative processes are much more powerful than skincare.

Be it yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation or prayer – they require my clients to make time for relaxation and in turn improve their appearance and wellbeing.

More thoughts from the practitioners who progress the science of yoga in the UK, helping us to deal with emotions, dark thoughts, anxiety, stress are below. I would like these thoughts to be a guide in transforming our lives for better.

Yoga & Emotions

  • Yoga profoundly influences the mind-body connection – it enhances the capacity for emotional regulation and psychological resilience.
  • Yoga helps to lift depression by decreasing serum cortisol and increasing levels of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and GABA. OM chanting deactivates limbic regions implicated in depression.

  • Gentle movement, breathing, and relaxation improve negative emotions and activate internal healing processes. Fear is a normal part of everyday life, yet more and more people are experiencing problems and anxiety is spiralling out of control. Breath practices nurture loving feelings, compassion, and our capacity for bonding. They help us to enrich every moment of our life.  

Embodiment & Transformation

  • I work with chakras when massaging the face and empirically consider them to be powerful energetic centres that have not been scientifically recognised. Chakra imbalances can bring about negative emotions – working consciously with them can facilitate healthier behaviour patterns and a more-rewarding life-style.

  • Facial massage techniques move facial skin and muscles and I ask my clients to focus on the area when massaging their face. This facilitates gentle and graded body awareness. Freud’s insights into the mind evolved from symptomatology found in the body. And yet, we rarely incorporate embodied experience as part of emotional wellbeing.
  • Yoga increases oxytocin levels and improves social cognition. In transformative periods of our lives, yoga can address both stability and flexibility at all levels of being and provide the mind-body coping strategy.

Expanding on the relaxation research done with Hull University, I will be running monthly facial yoga classes in the Autumn in Beverley. Please email info@faceworkshops.com if interested to attend. 

Annee de Mamiel’s Facial Massage Technique


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Acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel’s philosophy, products & techniques are my cup of tea. She also says that the anti-ageing secret to looking smooth and glowing isn’t necessarily in a jar – it’s at your fingertips.

A quick massage technique for you – for natural, light oils that allow for a slip&absorb well at the same time, look at the anti-ageing echium-based oils recommended on the left..

faceworkshops massage and accupressure

• Smooth your favourite facial oil over entire face and neck.

• Cup hands over nose and mouth, breath in and out deeply.

• Tug your earlobes with thumb and index finger. Then with fingertips, use firm, circular movements to massage from behind ears to base of neck.

• From the point of your chin, work up and outwards along the jaw to your ear; then from corners of mouth over the cheeks to ear, with circular movements; then from base of nose to top of ear. Repeat the whole sequence three times.

• Sweep your fingertips firmly over your eye brows, then under, then gently pinch along them. Repeat twice.

• Pressing firmly with your middle fingers, circle the eyes beginning above the inner corners and working outwards. Repeat three times.

• From the centre of your forehead, just above the nose, zigzag middle fingers in small, firm motions out to the temples; repeat working up the forehead.

• With the side of your index finger (held vertically), smooth skin from centre of face outwards, beginning with your forehead, then sides of nose, middle of mouth and centre of chin.

• Finish by breathing deeply, hands cupped over mouth and nose.

Source: https://www.victoriahealth.com/editorial/facial-massage



Teenage Skin: Gentle Cleansing & Hydration


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Teenage years are precious and as parents, we support our children through the hormonal changes and building self-esteem as best we can.

Light and efficacious skincare products lead to clear, beautiful skin – and make our teenage children to become confident and happy.

A simple routine is all they need:

  • a face wash
  • light day cream with SPF
  • evening fluid and blemish balm
  • a weekly exfoliator and mask

Image (183)

The brands I like to recommend are Elizabeths Daughter (available on myshowcase.com – the one I recommend often for teenage girls), Sam Farmer (for the boys). As these ranges are not complete as yet, they work best in combination with products from my favourite Aveda (Outer Peace and Tourmaline lines) and Estee Lauder (if a little older and fond of premium skincare).

The price is right and the success of these routines lies in being diligent – cleansing properly and hydrating twice a day. I also recommend to deep cleanse acne in the clinic and to change diet to improve teenage skin.

A simple skincare routine can make a real difference in how teenagers feel about themselves in time of intense self-monitoring and peer pressure!

Skincare Reviews Online: Overwhelming? Credible?


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I have to agree with the following blog on the online information and Discovery fatigue

When blogs were fresh and new, we subscribe to them by the hundreds, exploring, learning and seeking more. Over time, many people stop following the outbound links. When Twitter was new, just about anything seemed worthy of a retweet. Not so much  today. And podcasts are already starting to fill people up, making us feel like we don’t have the time to listen to more. 

We come up with all sorts of excuses about our fatigue, most of them have to do with the fact that there’s nothing good on, nothing new happening, or we’re just too busy. I don’t think those hold water…I think there are actually three reasons:

  • First, once you’re busy with what you’ve got, it diminishes the desire to get more.
  • Second, discovery is exhausting. Putting on a new pair of glasses, seeing the world or hearing the world or understanding the world in a new way is a lot more work than merely cruising through a typical day.
  • And third, infinity is daunting. A birdwatcher might be inspired to keep seeking out new birds, because she knows she’s almost got them all. But the infinity of choice that the connection economy brings with it is enough to push some people to artificially limit all that input.

It might be too early to announce to ourselves that we’ve read the internet and we’re done – but sifting through and reviewing a vast amount of product information on commercial websites and blogs might be time consuming and difficult even for the experts.

Image (148)

When looking for credible information, remember that unless scientifically substantiated – and balanced, product reviews are subjective – and often biased, based on the skin type & routine of the reviewer.

Writing credible product reviews takes time and effort and I have surveyed my clients to focus on their favourite topics. Have your say – the survey closes on 20th May!

Personalised Skincare Review & Feedback


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‘I find my personalised skincare review with Katerina so helpful. To be able to talk about my skincare routine and skin concerns knowing that I am being listened to and given the best advice on products purely for me and not with an ultra motive to sell as you find in the department stores has been invaluable’. SC, Beverley

I have been writing a lot about Personalisation in Skincare recently. Using the right products – for you – delivers results and saves money. Skincare products have a shelf life and it is essential to change them seasonally. 

I encourage my clients who had a consultation few years ago to revisit their skincare routine with me. They have discovered the products that suit them but unless coming for facials on a regular basis, I have lost track of what skincare works for them.

If interested in a review, I offer this service by email within 48 hours from your enquiry for £15.
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During a personalised review of my skincare regime we discussed the products I have been using and how I was using them and I learned how I could improve my routine. Katerina then offered advice on new products for me to try as I do tend to get stuck in a rut and cling to my old favourites. I have very sensitive skin and it is not always easy to find products which suit me. Katerina puts in a great deal of time and effort to help me and I find her expertise to be of great benefit. IR, Hull


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