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4 Active: RENOVAGE™ For Cell Longevity

“We assess facial appearance as a whole; unconsciously adding-up visible signs of ageing. Restoring a youthful appearance means reducing the appearance of multiple parameters – lines and wrinkles, sagging [loss of tone], pigmentation, redness, dry skin, dilated pores, and the irregularities of the skin surface. All of the ageing signs are related to less efficient cell physiology; a skin composed of “ageing cells” enters the senescence phase more rapidly than necessary. It’s due to a successive accumulation of DNA damage over time; less effectively repaired and less well protected DNA.”

Prolonging Cell Longevity

Renovage™ – geranylgeranone, is a high-tech global anti-ageing ingredient that acts on the four dimensions of skin ageing: surface, depth and time. It provides anti-ageing and protective effects against stress related damage by maintaining cell division [telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance], improving tissue quality [by optimal cell communication and rebalancing cell metabolism]. Renovage™ prolongs cell lifespan extension by one third.

Clinical & Cell Culture Results 

RENOVAGE™ acts as a cell facilitator and corrector. In vitro studies show several properties that aid recovery of skin function and structure to avoid premature entry into cell senescence.

  • Protection and repair of oxidative lesions and nucleic elements 
  • Keeping of catalasic antioxidant protection to 100%
  • Reduction of apoptosis after UVB radiation exposure
  • Reduction in the expression of heat shock proteins HSP27 and HSP70
  • The entry in senescence of fibroblasts is delayed by 3 months. 

A clinical study showed that RENOVAGE™ [conducted on 24 volunteers, applying 3% cream twice a day] exerts a significant and visible activity on both functional and structural signs of ageing:

After 1 month

  • Increase in skin hydration [34%]
  • Increase in firmness [12%] and tone [15%]
  • Decrease in erythrosis [30%]
  • Reduction of dilated pores [17%]

After 6 months

  • Reinforcement of barrier [+19%]
  • Decrease in pigmented spots [42%]
  • Decrease deeper wrinkles [-47%] and medium wrinkles [-34%]
  • Reduction of dilated pores [26%]

The efficacy of Renovage™ was studied for six months. After six month, the skin texture was dramatically improved with a reduction in expression lines, age spots and pore dilation.

Subjective Rating

In support of all of the clinical measurements, the volunteers were asked to rate the perception of the quality of their skin after 6 months of use:

  • 87% observed improved skin profile and softer skin
  • > 70% observed a reduction of wrinkles and lines, more uniform appearance of the skin and firmer, improved skin tone.


RENOVAGE™ is used under authorisation of Sederma, France. 

4 Active: Self-Regenerative Stem Cell Technology For Vertical Line Re-surfacing

The 4 Anti-Ageing Serum contains a unique combination of active ingredients. They were selected, after thorough research, for their ability to improve the appearance, renewal and regeneration of facial skin. 

Re-surfacing Vertical Lines

Extract from Indian Gentian leaves [Swertia chirata] stimulates epidermal proliferation, increases regeneration and promotes dermal thickness.


This ingredient has won a Silver “Best Ingredient” Award for Innovation at the international trade exhibition In-Cosmetics in 2015. 


Clinically, the active has been [in the same concentration as in The 4 Anti-Ageing serum] proven to resurface facial skin and blur vertical wrinkles. This gives the perception of a “younger, more relaxed facial expression” with diminished lip lines and eye puffiness.  

Please click on this link  to understand how the active ingredient works.


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