FaceWorkshops Approach to Skincare

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Beautiful skin comes from within and is a delicate balance of a daily skincare routine – skincare products, facial massage and exercise, as well as diet and lifestyle. Great results can be delivered in subtle, step-by-step changes, overtime.

  • Personalised Skincare Routines Taking care of our skin is a learnt and ongoing lifestyle choice. Like with exercise, our facial skin benefits from a regular routine that should be bespoke, pleasant and change with the seasons. People come to me for a number of reasons from specific skincare problems to a desire to look younger or less stressed and feel more confident. My clients appreciate my approach that bridges the gap between beauty therapy and dermatology. They respect the fact that my advice is impartial and I am not affiliated to any particular skincare brand. In fact, I am one of only a handful of experts worldwide who are independent.
  • I don’t believe in a radical and quick fix that can go wrong and cannot be reversed. I advocate skincare products with proven efficacy combined with the natural methods of facial yoga and reflexology – to achieve definition and improve the tone of the facial muscles, as well as facial massage. These methods nurture both the mind and body, making people feel more relaxed and their skin look smooth and radiant. 

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  • Skincare Products Skincare routine that reflect age, skin type and concerns, seasonal and hormonal changes, health, lifestyle and budgets and efficient skincare application techniques. 

“I see the benefits of regular skincare routines every day. Getting the subjective “feel of the product on the skin” right is very important for people to be diligent with their routines but personalised skincare products and traditional therapy can reduce concerns and dramatically improve the way people look and feel.

  • Professional Treatments Professional treatments tailored to specific concerns include cleansing, facial massage, acupressure, exfoliation, comedone extractions, peel or mask application.  

“I highly respect the healing powers of plants and their benefits in skincare and recommend organic and natural skincare where appropriate. I feel the same about traditional therapies. In the modern fast paced life, return to traditional wisdom is the voice of calm, reason and quality.”

  • Facial Yoga & Relaxation Facial exercise for gentle facial mobility or intensive focus on specific concerns. 

Skin Supplements

Getting ready for my talk on Skincare From Within at the Future for Personal Care and Cosmetics at YCF next week and conducting a survey on skin supplements amongst my clients. Do they really work? Please share your comments below.. http://www.ycf.org.uk/events/whats-the-future-for-personal-care-and-cosmetics

According to the survey, 42 % of my clients use supplements. This is what they think..


In summary, not too keen on supplements, perhaps not understanding what they can offer.

An opportunity for education and/or better marketing? 

The Transition from Winter to Spring 2015

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I am running the New Year, New You talk on 22 February 2015 @10.30am – 12noon at the Creation Arts Gallery, Beverley.

February is the time of the year when our skin looks tired, dehydrated and lacklustre and feels tight. People with dry and mature skin types suffer most. If having an oily/combination skin type you might experience both oily patches and dryness in specific zones of your face. 

I believe that the weather is the best indicator of how to treat your skin on the day. This is a little Winter Skin Summary of what matters most when the days are still cold:


With warmer weather and more sunny spells – it was 8 degrees C today – we will embark on a season of intensive peels and exfoliation – be it with beads or alpha-hydroxy acids, manual or electronic brush. In Spring, we will focus on tackling pigmentation, dehydration lines and rough, dry texture. These activities are recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spring. As the nature awakens, we are encouraged to go outside, dream, eat greens, stretch & be gentle. 

Making Cosmetics 2015

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I have been invited to talk at a Cosmetics Exhibition and Conference next month (24-25 March) and will address the delegates at the ‘Concept to Consumer’ themed Making Cosmetics conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The conference is designed to encourage suppliers, organisations, experts and brand owners to share best practice for developing cosmetics and for taking them from concept to consumer. I will be sharing the podium with representatives from pharmaceutical giant, GSK, Harley Street Cosmetics and The University of Leeds.


My seminar is entitled Skincare for Difficult to Treat Skin Types and draws on the work that I do in my Beverley clinic and the scientific papers that I have written on the subject. Running an independent skincare clinic and discussing consumers’ skin concerns daily gives me a unique insight into their needs, values and behaviours.

The overwhelming choice of skincare products on the market is often a source of confusion for consumers with difficult-to-treat skin types. These consumers represent a loyal segment of clientele that – if guided with personalised routines – have finally found the right products that work to alleviate their concerns.

The challenge that I will address is how to diagnose these skin types and address their complex needs and how to develop new products to provide gentle yet efficacious solutions. My work is quite unique, I use my research to inform my clinical practice and in turn my practical experience in the salon shapes my scientific work.

Acne, spots and blemishes are one the top concerns of my adult clients. Their skin types often defy the typical robust “oily skin” as these people report recurring sensitivity in line with their menstrual cycle, stress and travel. 


FaceWorkshops Promoting Best Practice in Skincare

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“Chin Up”: An Article on Facial Yoga & Massage for FHT

February 4, 2015 1 comment

I had an article on the benefits of facial yoga & massage published in the International Therapist (Federation of Holistic Therapists’ Magazine) this month (Winter 2015 issue). Happy Reading! FHT 1 3 FHT 2 1

My Skincare Focus & Expertise 2015

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The FaceWorkshops Club 2012 – 2014

January 28, 2015 2 comments

Early in 2012, I started the FaceWorkshops Club with a group of ladies who were enthusiastic about skincare. As they were my clients, I understood their skincare needs (ie. knew everything there is to know about their skin, health and lifestyle). The purpose of the club was to define objectively the “skin feel” – and potentially also product efficacy (if given large enough samples). Although the group was small, I was able to discuss and qualify the view of my client. “Beg, Steal or Borrow” became my way of getting the samples – at beauty counters, exhibitions and writing to the manufacturers.

There is an overwhelming choice of skincare on the market. It is true that samples are expensive to manufacture – and therefore often unavailable in the shops. Yet, how do you make informed decisions about buying a more expensive product?

  • Testing it on your hand in the shop is not enough, you need to apply the product on your face.
  • A recommendation from a friend can fail you too – she has a different skin type.
  • A magazine editorial is often written when the company advertise in said magazine. The editor does not know anything about your skin concerns or lifestyle and usually has a little knowledge of skin biology.
  • Further, London based high-flying beauty editors often have very different skincare routines and budgets.
  • Large online databases of 20.000 customers (as well as published Beauty Bible books and online reviews) fail to address stratification – they represent too different groups in terms of skin type (self-assessed) to arrive to a single opinion!
  • Also, online retailers do not publish critique – essential for both the manufacturer and consumers!

FaceWorkshops Club Timeline: Started in January 2012.

In 2014 completed a larger feedback panel for a private niche skincare London based company (a larger group of 20 participants).

Many thanks to the FaceWorkshops Club ladies for their contribution. I hope they had fun discovering new products designed for their skin!


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